Well hello and welcome to my third attempt of a blog…you know what they say…third time lucky!

So I don’t really know how much of the fitness world don’t use Protein Powders but I am sure I cannot be the only person on the planet wanting to gain my Protein hit from natural sources…and with that thought All Protein No Powder is born!

I am a foodie and a chick who lifts – the combination of this means I spend hours of my life planning my food to hit my macros & then hours in the kitchen trying to create or modify recipes with my macro breakdown in mind! So I thought  it was time to share what I have been creating/modifying.

On this blog you will find healthy recipes that focus on being low fat and high protein without the use of Protein Powders. All recipes are presented with a full Macro breakdown for those of you calculating and there is no hunting the remote isles of supermarket for ingredients.

I don’t claim to be an expert on nutrition/dietitian or anything alike – I am simply someone who loves to cook, loves to power lift, follows a macro breakdown in her diet and am sharing the recipes that have made the experience of “eating clean” more fun and exciting on my taste buds.

Enjoy, Share, Comment or Delete as appropriate.

Geeta x