Geeta_SI am a 30+ foodie & lady who lifts. I got into power lifting as part of my weight loss journey in 2014 as a results of reading the book Thinner Leaner Stronger by Mike Mathews. And it was here I was introduced to the concept of tracking and hitting my daily marco nutrients.

So I don’t really know how much of the fitness world do not use protein powders but I am sure I cannot be the only person on the planet wanting to gain my protein hit from natural sources! Combine this with my passion for cooking/creating and All Protein No Powder was born!

On this blog you will find healthy/clean recipes with a focus on being low fat and high protein without the use of protein powders.   As a busy Londoner the key ingredient to most of my recipes is “no hunting the remote isles of supermarket for ingredients”*

I don’t claim to be an expert on nutrition/dietitian or anything alike – I am simply someone who loves to cook, loves to power lift, follows a macro breakdown in her diet and I am sharing the recipes that have made the experience of “eating clean” more fun and exciting on my taste buds.

Welcome to my Blog! x

*Remote hunting maybe required for the baked/sweet goods but by remote I mean Holland and Barrett